How Archive Works

People submit photos on the Archive app and our community tells us which ones are their favourites, then we publish them in a glossy magazine.


How The App Works

It’s like Tinder for photography. Swipe up if you like a photo. Swipe sideways if you don’t care. If a photo sucks, swipe it down. You can swipe a photo only once, every swipe is equal, and all swipes are kept secret. Each photo is assigned a score based on these swipes.


Submission Deadline

There’s a timer in the app that counts backwards from sixty days. When it reaches zero we stop counting swipes, pull the winning photos off the server, and make the magazine you told us to. A week later, copies of Archive can be found in cafés, restaurants, and shops across Vancouver.



Nothing is more valuable than accurate criticism. If you have any comments, complaints, or ideas about how we could make a better magazine or do a better job running Archive please email them to I read every message and will respond when I can.