In Your Mouth with David Stansfield

David began his wine career as a teenage cellar hand 20 years ago. Today, he works as an independent sommelier and is a co-host of the popular Sunday School wine school. When not ruminating on the grape, his interests include spy novels, escape rooms, contact juggling, Slovenian design, and beer.

Do one thing well. 

That’s solid advice. The problem is which thing. Focus is not my forté. My life resembles a browser with infinite tabs. Lately, I answer “busy” to the question “how’s it going?”

Busy is the new good, and that’s bad.

I had a friend in high school—Crazy Steve—who thought everyone in the world should be in the top ten of something. I really like that idea. It’s just ambitious enough. Steve picked knife throwing. He thought the competition would be beatable, unlike, say, sprinting or serial killing. 

I’m not sure how it turned out for Steve. I sometimes imagine him throwing a thousand knives a day, mastering his practice, moving up the ranks, but that’s probably not what happened. Like legions of skinny white nerds before him, he moved to Japan. Not to throw knives, unfortunately, but to teach English. 

I hope he’s the tenth best English teacher in Tokyo.


Bella Keremeos Sparkling Chardonnay

$35 at various private stores 

When Haruki Murakami writes a novel, he gets up every day at 4 a.m., writes for five to six hours, then runs 10 km. 

Stephen King takes it a bit easier. He starts every morning at 8 a.m. and knocks out page after page without stopping until his late afternoon 4 km walk. The guy got run over by a van in 1999 and barely slowed down. Yet, it’s taken me six weeks to say that Bella makes really good wine. 

Writing about wine is stupid. There are a few (and only a few) things about wine that are cool. The rest is just wanking. 

Bella hits all of the good things. Dude exclusively makes single vineyard, single variety sparkling wines that are as focused as Murakami is on blowing the minds of college students with poor taste in books.


Porchetta with Salsa Verde and Crackling

$9.50 at Meat & Bread 

You don’t need to be told this is good. It is in fact the single most praised sandwich in Vancouver sandwich history. It changed the game. 

Thank god for that. You can’t be all things to all people. I tried in Grade 9 and it didn’t work. Nobody thought I was cool until I picked a lane.

Speaking of which, have you seen that McDonald’s is a café now? Some sort of worse Starbucks with a salad bar where once there were ball pits. Just do your damn thing Ronald.


Sour Diesel

$11/gram at various dispensaries

My favourite thing to do when my wife is out of town is smoke a joint with my hippie neighbour then clean the whole fucking house. Just lock in and scrub, man. 

Fifteen-year-old me would not be impressed, but screw that guy. He took his mom for granted. She kept that place super tight without even the occasional puff.

It seems counterintuitive, but if you’re looking for short term help with focus, a little hit can help. Just choose the right strain. A heady sativa like the classic Sour Diesel does the trick.

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