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 Downtown   Justin Parenteau, 75.9%

Downtown   Justin Parenteau, 75.9%

Gone Drinkin'

We’re taking a break from publishing until January. Typically, Archive comes out every other month, which means our next issue is scheduled to arrive in December. But, I don’t want to do a magazine in December. I have reasons. First, people spend December visiting with their families. Family time implies exposure to children and the elderly. Nothing against those groups of people but Archive doesn’t really fuck with kids and olds. Diapers aren’t our demo.

Second, half the city is drunk for two weeks straight in December and drunk people don’t read magazines.

Third, dragging boxes full of magazines all over the city in the rain sucks. Doing it in the snow is unbearable. Kicking the delivery headache down the road to January doesn’t make the problem go away but it means I can get drunk with children and the elderly for two weeks straight in December without worrying about lugging magazines all over the city.

So we are taking an extra month. That means the submission period for the next issue will have extra time so we decided to add some pages to the magazine and run a second contest. The first contest will stretch over October and November, and it’s subject will be Best Pets of YVR. Animals are photogenic and popular on the internet and they look great in print. Also, I’m excited to study your voting data in order to quantify exactly how much better dogs are than cats.

We haven’t made a decision on the subject for the second contest yet. Since it will take place between December and January we are leaning towards “Holiday Drinking” as a title. New Year’s Eve pictures and all the Christmas season stuff could make a fun magazine section. We haven’t made it official yet because there’s a chance the contest may end up getting sponsored. If a company wanted us to customize the app and create a special section of the magazine to promote their business, we would take their money. Yes, we’re sellouts. What did you expect? We aren’t running a charity here. 

There’s one more way Archive can help you stay busy until January. The archive.live website has FINALLY arrived. It’s a scandal that we’ve been homeless online for so long but that’s in the past and we don’t think about that anymore. The site makes it easy to find all the articles, crosswords, and colouring books we’ve made, and they’re presented in a way that looks slick. The website also helps us share on social media so like us on the Facebook if you want our writing in your stream. Or don’t, whatever.

See you next year.

Sam Kerr


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