El Kartel
104 E Pender St. 

Bestie Currywurst
105 E Pender St. 

The Tuck Shoppe
237 Union St. 

Tight Club
261 Union St. 

The London Pub
700 Main St.

Cafe Brixton
212 E Georgia St.

Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizza
648 Main St.


Alibi Room
157 Alexander St.

Milano Gastown
36 Powell St.

The Diamond
6 Powell St.

Save On Meats
43 W Hastings St.

16 W Hastings St.

The Irish Heather
210 Carrall St.

The Latest Scoop
159 Water St.

356 Water St.

Guu with Otokomae
375 Water St.

Cavalier Gastown
217 W Hastings St.

Crosstown Dispensary
312 W Hastings St.

508 W Hastings St.


Zulu Records
1972 W 4th Ave. 

Lotusland Cannabis
1952 W 4th Ave.

Displace Hashery
3293 W 4th Ave.

Benny's Bagels
2505 W Broadway.

Cartems Doughnuts
3040 W Broadway

Cannabis Culture
3175 W. Broadway

Deacon’s Corner
3189 W Broadway

Lotusland Cannabis
3474 W Broadway



603 Abbott St.

601 Expo Blvd 


Pita Pit
995 Granville St.

Megabite Pizza
1005 Granville St.

8th and Main
1105 Granville St.

1109 Granville St.

Adrenaline Tattoo
1014 Granville St.

The Rock Shop
1076 Granville St.

Vancity Weed
1181 Granville St.

Canna City
725 Nelson St.

Limelife Medical Cannabis  
1167 Granville St.

700 Davie Street


Mount Pleasant


Cartem's Dougnuts
2190 Main St.

The Whip
209 6th Avenue East

Main Street Brewing
261 E 7th Ave.

Still Life
2315 Main St.

8th and Main
2403 Main St.

F as in Frank
2425 Main St.

Belmont Babershop
111 E Broadway.

Gene Cafe
2404 Main St.

2511 Main St.

Kafka’s Cafe
2525 Main St.

Colony Bar
2904 Main St.

Joe’s Grill
3048 Main St.

Pizza Garden
3033 Main St.

Brewery Creek Cold Beer and Wine
3045 Main St.

The Five Point
3124 Main St.

Ride Fast Tattoo
3138 Main St.

Lotusland Cannabis
3187 Main St.

Don’t Argue Pizza
3240 Main St.

3255 Main St.



Koerner's Pub
6371 Crescent Rd.

UBC Photo Society
AMS Nest, Room 4302B



The Settlement Building
55 Dunlevy Ave.

The Strathcona Beer Company
895 E Hastings St.


South Granville

The Latest Scoop
2928 Granville St.

National Standards
3012 Granville St.



Bean Around The World
1002 Mainland St.

Small Victory Bakery
1088 Homer St.  

JJ Bean
402 Davie St.


West End

Green Panda Cannabis
1707 Robson St.

Donair Town
1793 Robson St.

Buck Stop
833 Denman St.

Nat’s Pizza
1080 Denman St.

West End Liquor Store
961 Denman St.

3 Quarters full Cafe
1789 Comox St.

Delany's Coffee
1105 Denman St.

JJ Bean
1238 Davie St.


JJ Bean
2206 Commercial Dr.

The Drive Skate Shop
1997 Commercial Dr.

Cafe Deux Soliel
2096 Commercial Dr.

Tangent Cafe
2095 Commercial Dr.

Canna Clinic
2223 Commercial Dr.

Renzo’s Cafe
1301 Commercial Dr.

Turks Coffee Exchange
1276 Commercial Dr.

1204 Commercial Dr.

Moja Coffee
1102 Commercial Dr.

Bump n Grind Cafe
916 Commercial Dr.



Highlander Pub
8888 University Dr. E